Invest in cannabis : the weed index. Have you always dreamed of doing legal business with the grass? Now we can say it is an index, the first index on cannabis. This article explains the investment opportunities (legal) in cannabis. We also present the best broker to buy without paying commissions, the sub-fund:  KS-securities  . the best choice to buy the industry's actions: we take into account that most of these securities are listed on the US market and Canada and other Italian brokers are best for this type of transaction, while KS-securities is completely free.

The North American Marijuana Index tracks the stocks of major operators in the legal cannabis industry in the United States  and Canada. The index is divided into two sub-indices relating to the two countries: the US and the Canadian Marijuana Marijuana Index Index.

Investing Cannabis is very profitable . Obviously we are not talking about anything illegal, but the great opportunity offered by Cannabis , so it is a perfectly legal investment. This article details the great opportunities that exist in this area and also the right tools that can help even the novice to grasp the most of these opportunities to gain.

The search for high yield investments,  is one of the constants characterizing the smartest investors, those accustomed to earning more. One of the emerging markets at the moment is that of medical cannabis.

In recent years, the medical marijuana market is exploded : in 2017 alone the total value of production was 16 billion dollars. What until a few years ago it was an extremely small niche (if we do not consider the illegal market) is now becoming a respectable market.

The forecasts on the production and sale of medical marijuana are very positive. It is expected, in fact, that more and more countries proceed to the legalization of medical marijuana.

Arcview BDS Market Research and Analytics predict that the global market for legal cannabis arrivals to 57 billion dollars by 2027 . Most of this growth will be concentrated in North America and Europe.

How Investing in Cannabis: Reasons for Success

In Particular, 2017 was a year to remember for the industry of  legal cannabis . According to some research, the overall gains from its sale amounted to $ 16 billion worldwide: number, as Mentioned above, is expected to grow exponentially over the next decade, given the wide global spread of its medical legalization.

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